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Meet the band

Dave Annis

Rhythm Guitar

Having played in bands for over
30 years, Dave brings a wealth of
experience to the Carnaby Army.
Highlights include sharing the bill
with Ocean Colour Scene, DE LA
SOUL, Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Shed
Seven, Ms Dynamite and Reef
at Pennfest.

A lover of all things tech, Dave’s guitars of choice include the Hofner Verythin and Chapman ML3-RC.

He is also a keen songwriter
and producer.

Kev Wilton

Vocals & Percussion

Now, we're not a greedy bunch, but we do have 2 lead singers! Kev has added that last and most important extra layer of audio icing needed to push the band into the stratosphere with his atomic clockwork percussion skills and incredible vocal range.  Having worked with most of the band in other music projects over the years, Kev is a key member of the band and a thoroughly nice bloke too.

Richie Gibson, vocals

Richie learned his craft performing in some of the North East’s most insalubrious venues in front of character-building audiences. 

As the most recent addition to the band and one of our lead vocalists, Newcastle’s loss is our gain, with Richie adding a Northern twist to the Carnaby Army.

Craig Rippe


Craig the 'Ripster' is very tall and proper posh, (yes, he's a massive pianist!)

Classically trained Craig can play several keyboard parts at the same time, his fingers become a blur sometimes. 

Apart from his incredible skills on the keyboard, Craig has a seemingly endless amount of diabolical 'Dad' jokes that he feels he just has to share with the
rest of us. 

We laugh out of sympathy.

Gunnar Christensen


Gunnar is a former ship’s Captain (not kidding). Gunnar is representing team America.  We're told they had the 60s over there too.

Gunnar keeps the ryhthm section on their toes with his awesome bass playing.


Welcome to the jungle Gunnar, the ‘all American Pirate’ Arrrgh!

Pedro Quinto

Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals

Despite his awesome name, Pedro is not actually Spanish. 

Obviously born with a guitar strapped over his shoulder, Pedro just 'get's it' with an incredible groove and tone Pedro fits into the band effortlessly. With a collection of awesome vintage gear, when it comes to 60's guitar tones and skills, this guy has it in droves.  

Dan Buskell

Drums & Percussion

Dan is a force of nature when it comes to drums! 

His extraordinary attention to detail and rock solid timing keep the rest of the band in check.

Dan plays drums and percussion in his spare time, he teaches drums and percussion, he plays drums on his steering wheel when he's driving... he eats, sleeps and dreams drums.

Our kit (for the geeks :)

As much fun as we have on stage, as London's premier 60's cover band we don't mess around when it comes to sounding right.  For front of house sound we use DB technologies line array tops and subs with a Behringer X32 live desk.

The sound comes out of our very own DB technologies ES802 line array system.

Lighting is made up of ADJ par can uplighters, hazer and ADJ moving-head spots; on larger gigs and on special request we will hire an original 60's oil projector lamp.

We have a very qualified live sound and lighting engineer to bring it all together.

  • Pedro (lead guitar) delivers through his Grestch hollow body or Gibson Les Paul, or his Gibson SG...take a breath or his Danelectro 59' famously played by Jimmy Page, he uses a selection of handmade guitar pedals to create his authentic rich tones all played through his Fender Blues Junior.

  • As we are unable to bring 10 vintage keyboards to every gig, Craig's 'Nord Stage 2' is more than capable. If you know anything about keyboards then you'll know this is a proper professional bit of stage kit.

  • Dan on drums plays a mahogany Premier Elite, its the same kit that legendary nutters Keith Moon and Ginger Baker used, that, and an array of percussion to add that extra special something to the mix.

  • We use nothing but Shure SM58’s for vocals and SM57’s for micing up amp’s.

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