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A Yank's Perspective on 60's London Rock 'n Roll

I think you Brit's take it for granted that you live on a island that has so much fantastic rock history. Especially the jaded Brit's from West London.

My family moved to West London from the good 'ol USA two years ago and soon I was to realise I was in British rock heaven. I always had heard of names such as Eel Pie Island, the Crawdaddy Club....I knew David Gilmour had a barge and recording studio and that Pete Townsend lived somewhere in London. Little did I know all these great rock artists and locations were right under my nose in West London.

I soon realised I travelled every week by Pete Townsend's house (The Wick....used to be owned by Ronnie Wood as well....) on Richmond Hill. I still haven't had a Pete sighting....but one of these days. I also have a friend who used to live on the same street as Pete in Twickenham and used to hear him from his corner studio room during the making of Quadrophenia. Cool stuff.

Then one day while commuting to London I wondered what the shrine was for on the rise out of Richmond Park. It's the shrine to Marc Bolan (T. Rex) where he crashed his car in the early 70's. Sad to have him gone, but glad that the shrine is alive and well as are the T. Rex fans.

I now travel to work on Eel Pie Island, and every day I walk right by the spot where the old hotel used to stand that ushered in the Rolling Stones in 1963, a guy named Davie Jones (David Bowie), a place where Rod Stewart was asked to sit in on harp with Long John Baldry....and the rest is history.

I'm hoping as Carnaby Army expands it's horizon's, we can someday make the pilgrimage over to Eel Pie Island and play a good on that soil rich in Rock 'n Roll History.

More to follow as I uncover more West London rock history.....stay tuned!

The Stones 1963, Eel Pie Island Hotel

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