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Carnaby Army at Impact Theatre

This has to go down as one of the best show's we've done....not because of us, but because of the band that preceded us at the Impact Theatre. The Impact Theatre promotes a positive image of people with disabilities and helps to build confidence through performing arts. One of the director's at the theatre happened to see our lead guitar moonlighting at a show with another band and hired us because of that. We gladly booked the show (for a good payday) and thought no more of it....until we did our sound check and then sat back to witness the fantastic performance of the Impact theatre house band. Five vocalist singing harmony, keyboardist (playing the bass part....very well) drums and another vocalist keyboardist. The energy and the vibe were absolutely amazing...we were blown away. So much so, that we had a band pow wow and agreed to reduce our fee to travel expenses and give the rest back to the theatre. It's truly an amazing performing arts centre and we were honoured to be a part of their evening. We really hope to be back at such a great venue and kudos to the directors who put so much heart and energy into these shows. And on to the photos: Pedro (lead guitar) tuning up for sound check

T-shirts....get yer t-shirts!
The view from above
Our new X32 rack! (image blurred to protect our secret settings
I scared the band with a new red cowboy hat with sequins (and a pink bass)! They weren't impressed!
The fabulous Impact Theatre group!
And lead guitar and bass getting it done

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