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Carnaby Army at the legendary Half Moon!

After the success of our big show in June at the Exchange Theatre our band has been on the rise and some bigger venues have expressed interest in us. Our hard work is starting to pay off.

We were asked to play Bank Holiday Sunday (August 25 here in the UK). A tough night to get a crowd, but we managed to get a great crowd considering many people travel for this holiday.

The Half Moon opened in 1963 and has had the likes of the Rolling Stones and the Who play there. U2 and the Clash also made appearances here early in their career. Also, recently, Nick Mason (Pink Floyd) played here for his Saucer Full of Secrets tour.

We started by meeting in the garden bar of the Half Moon to weekend here in London!

Here's Matt (Rhythm guitar and band manager) during set up (and Nia in the background...our sound check pro and in house sound guru!)

Pedro (lead guitar) just back from Mod Week in Brighton as seen during sound check....looking a little worse for wear, but he always pulls through!

We've arrived!

Enough room to swing a cat on stage...

The dressing room was adequate....I mean Nick Mason sat here just last month!

The gig went very well. Great crowd..thanks to all who turned out! Hope to be back at the Half Moon soon! Thanks for watching.

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